December 3, 2008

I'm a Moron.

I forgot my password, hence the not posting.
and i deleted my picture off photobucket. so its gone.
hope everyone (noone) that reads this had a good holiday.
( :

October 15, 2008

Ahh, Prostitution.

"What does it mean to prostitute?"
"Get over the awkwardness of the question, I actually want to know"
"Come on!"
"'s when a person...uh...pretends a sexual...uh..."
"They aren't really pretending..."

And that, was English class.

"Galileo was attractive"

And that, was world history.

"I think therefore I am"

That also, was world history.

That concludes todays portion of "My classmates are dumb asses."
(apparently "dumbasses" is two words)

We had a field hocky game today, and we lost. ): But I got an assist for the only goal scored by us, even though I'm normally a defensive player. That was new.
That's basically it.
Katharine's dying. But she's back to life, and coming to class tomorrow. :D I'm excited.

Hope your day was filled with smarter people than mine was.

October 12, 2008

Hot Glue Gun Turds

Here's What I Did Today...
-Woke up, at seven thirty.
-Went to Mcdonald's, Starbucks, and Burger King, all for breakfast for me and my dad.
-Tag sale. We spent two fucking hours without customers. At least. Then BAM! A lady shows up and buys eighty dollars worth of Barbie shit, and 90 Barbies.
-Sell more shit, we actually made money.
-Looked up blogs, and left fun comments. I may or may not have left a really creepy comment on gaymosexual
telling him that I want to kidnap him. I get kinda weird, when I'm desperate for friends/high off lemon pledge/hyped up on caffeine.
-Did random art, and had an psycho moment with my hot glue gun. Now I have these...
and yeah....they're hot glue turds.

But I did do something productive today...

YAY! It's my K.
I still need to do the edges, but its so hard/boring.

Today kinda sucked, but I did talk to Katharine, and we might be hanging out tomorrow.
Unfortunately when i talked to her, she was tripping on codeine because she was having an attack. Hopefully she remembers our conversation, and is feeling better tomorrow.
She's also starting a blog of her own, which i am UBER psyched for.
Links Will Follow.

October 11, 2008

Math At 12:30

true story. click on it to see it better.

I Want Someone To Get Shot For Dealing Mini M&M's.

Hi. I'm Kylie. Enjoy my shit. I mean my blog, not my shit like I'm a drug dealer or a prostitute. Or something. I do live in s-town, and we have a big drug problem, so its totally realistic for me to be dealing stuff. You know, what normal nerdy level four girls do to pay for a new graphing calculator. I'm just kidding. I don't need a new graphing calculator. I just need extra cash. Erm, nevermind. Anyway speaking of drugs...

*At the football game, after dropping mini m&ms below the bleachers*
"Someones gonna pick it up and think its ecstasy."
"Then they're gonna be disappointed."
"They'll probably be wasted anyway..."
"Hey i just thought of something! Okay, so someones walking below the bleachers and sees the mini m&m and they're like 'Look ecstasy!' so they pick it up, and then they try and sell it to someone. But that person knows its not ecstasy so they are like 'What the fuck bitch?! You suck!' and then they shoot them...WOULDN'T THAT BE AWESOME?!"

This is what goes through my head.
Like it??
wait for more...