October 15, 2008

Ahh, Prostitution.

"What does it mean to prostitute?"
"Get over the awkwardness of the question, I actually want to know"
"Come on!"
"Well...uh...it's when a person...uh...pretends to...uh..be a sexual...uh..."
"They aren't really pretending..."

And that, was English class.

"Galileo was attractive"

And that, was world history.

"I think therefore I am"

That also, was world history.

That concludes todays portion of "My classmates are dumb asses."
(apparently "dumbasses" is two words)

We had a field hocky game today, and we lost. ): But I got an assist for the only goal scored by us, even though I'm normally a defensive player. That was new.
That's basically it.
Katharine's dying. But she's back to life, and coming to class tomorrow. :D I'm excited.

Hope your day was filled with smarter people than mine was.

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