October 12, 2008

Hot Glue Gun Turds

Here's What I Did Today...
-Woke up, at seven thirty.
-Went to Mcdonald's, Starbucks, and Burger King, all for breakfast for me and my dad.
-Tag sale. We spent two fucking hours without customers. At least. Then BAM! A lady shows up and buys eighty dollars worth of Barbie shit, and 90 Barbies.
-Sell more shit, we actually made money.
-Looked up blogs, and left fun comments. I may or may not have left a really creepy comment on gaymosexual
telling him that I want to kidnap him. I get kinda weird, when I'm desperate for friends/high off lemon pledge/hyped up on caffeine.
-Did random art, and had an psycho moment with my hot glue gun. Now I have these...
and yeah....they're hot glue turds.

But I did do something productive today...

YAY! It's my K.
I still need to do the edges, but its so hard/boring.

Today kinda sucked, but I did talk to Katharine, and we might be hanging out tomorrow.
Unfortunately when i talked to her, she was tripping on codeine because she was having an attack. Hopefully she remembers our conversation, and is feeling better tomorrow.
She's also starting a blog of her own, which i am UBER psyched for.
Links Will Follow.

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